Charlottesville Sunrise/Sunset times for the Baha\’i Fast

Here are the sunrise and sunset times for Charlottesville, Va for the 19 days of the Baha\’i Fast

March Sunrise Sunset
Tues 2 6:44 6:08
Wed 3 6:43 6:09
Thur 4 6:41 6:10
Fri 5 6:40 6:11
Sat 6 6:39 6:12
Sun 7 6:37 6:13
Mon 8 6:36 6:14
Tues 9 6:34 6:15
Wed 10 6:33 6:16
Thur 11 6:31 6:17
Fri 12 6:30 6:18
Sat 13 6:28 6:19
Sun 14 7:27 7:20
Mon 15 7:25 7:21
Tues 16 7:24 7:22
Wed 17 7:22 7:23
Thur 18 7:21 7:24
Fri 19 7:19 7:25
Sat 20 7:18 7:26

From the US Naval Observatory

It\’s bothered me for a while that while the equinox means that the day is exactly 12 hours long, the day is a few minutes longer than 12 hours on the equinox. The only explanation I have come up with so far is that the elevation accounts for the extra minutes. If I were at sea level the day would be 12 hours long on the equinox.

In Charlottesville, Virginia, United States
Jeff Lavezzo

CNN: Iran Sets Aug 18 Trail Date for Baha\’is

I\’ve just read this article that reports that the seven Baha\’i leaders arrested over a year ago in Iran have a new trail scheduled for next Tuesday.

Diane Ala\’i, the Baha\’i International Community\’s representative to the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, said the trial date became known after Iranian authorities sent a notice to Abdolfattah Soltani, a human rights lawyer who was arrested in the aftermath of Iran\’s disputed June 12 presidential election.

The writ of notification, dated July 15, sets a trial date for August 18, Ala\’i said: \”It is the height of absurdity to issue a trial notice to a lawyer who has himself been unjustly imprisoned,\” she said.

The upcoming trial, without the presence of the two key lawyers, amounts to another tactic to deprive the prisoners of their legal rights, Ala\’i said. She called it a \”travesty of justice.\”

She also said the August 18 trial date could change, noting that the families of the seven had been told in June that they were to be tried on July 11, only to have that date come and go.

\”Where there is love, nothing is too much trouble, and there is always time.\”

\”Where there is love, nothing is too much trouble, and there is always time.\” – Attributed to `Abdu\’l-Baha

A friend and I just looked up the source for this quote. Yeah, turns out it\’s not much of a quote. I mean, it\’s lovely and poetic, but I can\’t find it in that form. The closest we came was in \”Daily Lessons Received at Akka\” by Helen S. Goodall and Ella Goodall Cooper.

Abdu\’l-Bahá brought us flowers or oranges or grapefruit from the wonderful Ridvan nearly every day and also gave us delicious grapes from a vine that was planted by His own hand. (This vine yields seven crops of grapes every year, and these particular grapes were the seventh yield.)

His constant shower of material and spiritual favors caused us to exclaim that we did not deserve so many blessings, and while we received and received everything from Him, we were unable to give Him anything in return.

He replied, simply, \”That is what I am here for–to give, and not to receive.\”

When we deprecated the trouble it must be to answer so many questions and to give us so much time, He replied, \”Whatever is done in love is never any trouble, and–there is always time.\”
— [page 42]

I can assume this is one of those cases where someone read the book, was telling a friend about it and paraphrased it. The friend wrote down the paraphrase and that was what\’s vaguely quoted by all and sundry, including a great song by Conrad Lambert.