The \”Obama\” the taste sensation that\’s sweeping Malawi

I read some news from my friend Mona via Facebook today. She\’s on break from University of Cape Town, visiting her family in Malawi where she found a new item on the menu of roadside vendors. It\’s called the \”Obama\”. Apparently it\’s a fist-sized fried sweet bread.

it\’s more like a sweet doughnut [than plain bread]. Traders sell them on the side of the road and shout \”ObamaObamaObama\” to get sales!

Here\’s a pic of an opened-up Obama:

Mona knows as well as you or I that donuts are sweet so this treat is definitely not part of the President\’s health plan!

In Charlottesville, Virginia

Ponyo Coloring Page

My girls are Ponyo crazy this morning. Can you believe there is NO Ponyo doll, coloring book, toy or anything at ToysRUs?

I spliced together this coloring page from a couple sources on the Internet (click for PDF). I was then required to print it out about 10 times between the two of them.