Baha\’i shrines chosen as World Heritage sites


In a few days I\’ll be leaving with my wife for Haifa, Israel to participate in the pilgrimage of the Baha\’i Faith. We\’ll be visiting holy and historical sites in Hafia and near-by Acco (aka: Acre or Akka) in the north of Israel. The two main places we\’ll be visiting are the Shrine of the Bab and the Shrine of Baha\’u\’llah.

Earlier this year, the government of Israel suggested these two places for consideration as World Heritage sites by the UNESCO World Heritage Committee. And today the committee has determined that these two Bahá’í shrines in Israel possess “outstanding universal value” and should be considered as part of the cultural heritage of humanity.


Now this designation isn\’t going to change my pilgrimage experience at all, but it does mean there are current news articles that mention Baha\’i Pilgrimage and some new photos on the Internet I can link to from this post.


The weekend after we get back, August 9 and 10 we\’ll have people over for a slide show. If you\’d like to be included, please let me know in the comments box or by email.

In Charlottesville, Virginia

Jeff Lavezzo