Latino Baha\’is on YouTube

If your Spanish is up to it, there\’s a set of three new videos up on YouTube on the Baha\’i Faith. The first spends some time with the musical group El Viento Canta, a group of indigenous Peruvian members of the Baha\’i Faith who toured four continents playing their music and teaching people about the Baha\’i Faith. They also discuss some basic facts on the Faith.

In part two we meet Marisol Rivera, a mother, actress and social worker who was initially impressed with the diversity and unity of the Baha\’i community. She discusses her experiences as a Baha\’i in North America and in traveling and being of service in New Guinea. We also meet Venustiano Olguin, a social activist and educator in California. Venustiano discusses time working with César Chávez in Mexico. Later while at New College of California he was invited to a Baha\’i meeting. I can\’t do justice to his explanation of how the writings of Baha\’u\’llah affected his heart. He also emphasizes how the principles Baha\’u\’llah taught are put into practice in his daily life as an educator.

Part three starts with some more facts about the Baha\’i Faith, including a short history of the life of the Founder of the Faith, Baha\’u\’llah. Then we\’re introduced to Emilia Ramirez, a youth counselor. Some of her work with gangs on the Mexican-American border is shown. There\’s also a short interview with her mother. More facts about the Baha\’i faith are presented followed by an interview with Steve Gonzalez, a conflict resolution specialist. Steve talks a little about how the Baha\’i Faith helps him meet challenges presented in the world today.

You can see many more videos on YouTube.

In Charlottesville, Va

Jeff Lavezzo