Snow White – Three shows left

There are just three more shows left of the wonderful children\’s production of Snow White: White as Snow, Red as Blood by V. Glasgow Koste at the Old Michie Theater. The cast of 6-15yr olds has done a wonderful job given the complexity of the script. Contrasting with the title of the play, Queen Evilin is definitely the star of the show. The interaction between her and the character called The Queen\’s Self or HerSelf is unusual but the two young actresses have a special rapport and have injected their parts with remarkable dynamism, alternating between serious discussions about how to get rid of Snow White, the importance of mirrors, and comedic jibes about who\’s uglier, meaner or more vain.

The most child-friendly humor comes from the 7 Dwarves. Played by 6 actors and an actress, this band of \’brothers\’ play loose with the script to get the most out of their time on stage. My daughter, Isobel (a part of the chorus in this show), had this to say, \”Poppy, you know what the funniest part is? When the Dwarves go \’Me neither, me neither, … me n-eye-ther.\’\” You have to be there. The Dwarves are a little taller than the actress playing the 7-yr-old Snow White, but not shorter than the actress playing the 17-yr-old Snow White. So, to show that she\’s taller now, the Dwarves shuffle around on their knees. Gold. Gold, I tell you!

From the snowflake dance at the birth of Snow White, to the prince who wakes her after the fateful apple, it\’s a good show.

So take some time this weekend to make it to one of the performances!

Snow White – White as Snow, Red as Blood by V. Glasgow Koste
at the Old Michie Theater
Friday, February 9 and Saturday, February 10 at 7pm
Sunday, February 11 3pm Matine
$8.00 at the door or by reservation – Box Office: 977-3690
On East Water Street across from the Water Street Parking Garage

In Charlottesville, Va
Jeff Lavezzo