Why We Like Charlottesville

There was a discussion yesterday on the Charlottesville Java Users Group email list about how many people take pay cuts when moving to Charlottesville, and how they couldn\’t be happier with the choice. Mostly people cited \”Quality of Life\” listing things like \”10 minute commute\” times, etc. as why they\’re happier.

For Tici and I today includes one of those \”Quality of Life\” events. As you may know, Tici\’s very interested in Montessori education methods and is considering getting trained in it and at least getting a job as a classroom assistant. Turns out one of the preeminent authors on the subject lives and works in Charlottesville, Angeline S. Lillard is a professor at UVA. Before we even knew that she was local, we\’d picked up a copy of her book Montessori: The Science Behind The Genius. Turns out as part of the Virginia Festival of the Book events this week, she\’s speaking tonight at our local Barnes & Noble.


It\’s at 6pm, so Tici will go by herself while I stay with the kids. Maybe I\’ll get her to post a summary here tomorrow.

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Jeff Lavezzo

PS: Mostly, I wrote this post because a search for LIllard\’s book brings up her website in about 15th place. I hope more links like this one and ones from vabook.org help improve her ranking. Of course, I\’d like to help her improve her site to make it worth visiting, but eh… I am already over subscribed.