Health Update

For those of you following my father-in-law’s health, here’s an update. The doctors noticed some internal bleeding and deduced one of his ulcers was perforated. They decided to operate to remove them ulcers.

Good thing, too. They found that both ulcers were perforated. But one of them had perforated next to the gall bladder and the gall bladder basically plugged the perforation, preventing what would have been near fatal internal bleeding.

While they were in there, they found that the calcification they saw in an x-ray on his appendix was actually a large villous adenoma that had inverted his appendix into his lower intestine, causing a significant obstruction. Of course they removed that too. Four hours later he was in the ICU recovering. This morning he was actually sitting up in a chair, something he has’t done in a week, for sure. He’s likely to be out of ICU to a regular ward in 5 days or so and they expect significant recovery after that.

Tici is seriously relieved. As she puts it, now we just have to heal him from the surgery. All the unknown factors, like how to get rid of the ulcers, are out of the way.

We’ll be in Malawi in a couple days and expect to dash from the airport to the hotel where the coach line stops to catch the 12:30 bus to Blantyre.

In Charlottesville, Virginia (US) till tomorrow:
Jeff Lavezzo

A visit to Malawi

One of the fun things about being a computer programmer is coming up with goofy little programs like the one on the right of this page. At the moment it says \”there are 11 days till we leave for Malawi!\”

It\’s going to continue to count down till we leave. Then it will count down hours till we arrive. Then it will count down the days we have left in Malawi. Then again it\’ll count down the travel time back to Charlottesville.


We\’re very excited about our trip. Tici\’s dad\’s been in and out of the hospital for about 5 months now. It\’s been very hard for her to be away from him and hear a weak voice on the other end of the phone. We hope he\’ll get a some more strength back before we arrive. Ether that or Isobel and Cecilia\’s energy will rub off on him. Tici\’s also bought him lots of high-calorie foods to bring to him. He needs it!

We\’ll also hopefully get to visit friends there like the Malakets, the Massa family, the Mazloums, Hakimis and especially Janine. And there\’s a chance we\’ll be meeting up with some of the high-tech blogger\’s Malawi\’s produced lately (see the side bar under \”contemporaries\”).

In Charlottesville, Virginia (US) for a few more days:
Jeff Lavezzo