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About 3 years ago when I started using Lavezzo.com, I planned to put up a photo album and something that would let me put up little bits of news for discussion. I thought it might come in handy one day, professionally, too. Gallery (and now Gallery2) work great for the photos, but phpNuke and it\’s like just didn\’t seem right to me. The were busy and cluttered and involved a lot of overhead. To top it off, my hosting server had a PHP change that turned out to be incompatible with phpNuke. I abandoned that idea. Granted, I was quite busy with Cecilia who had just come along, so I had a good reason. Can you believe that that was before \”blogs\” existed? Yeah, maybe a few people had \”web logs\” but they weren\’t blogs yet.

My parents-in-law have been living in different parts of Malawi since 1975. That of course is worth a whole batch of articles unto itself. There\’s a serious food shortage in Malawi right now. So I did what any computer professional who is a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer and Africa lover stuck in the US would do: I set Google News to build a custom list of headlines about Malawi for me. One day it pulled up Mike Mckay\’s Hactivate blog. And that pointed to more Malawi blogs. And they were good. They were important! News! Firsthand accounts! Pictures of wild animals! well… that part wasn\’t so important, but reprints of newspaper articles about the current famine and stories about the challenges of living in a \”foreign land\” inspired me. I said, \”well I\’ve resisted it for a long time, but I\’m going to set up my own blog.\”

There are lots of reasons to do this. One is that I\’ve been trying to get some children\’s stories written and writing practice is never a bad thing. Another is that I\’m getting more into some independent projects that could use some exposure. And the impetus today is that my friend Patryk Laurent who had been generously giving me space on the server he ran is giving up that server and switching to a DSL system. So, I was forced to get a new hosting company. I found Dreamhost.com who charged me, what I referred to yesterday as, \”chump change\” for one year. They also provide \”one click installs\” of software packages including, you guessed it, this Word Press blog.

All of this begs the question: How many people\’s first blog post is about their blog?

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